What to wear

At Bradbourne Park we encourage children to explore and experiment. Wearing clothes and footwear which they can manage themselves and not worry about spoiling will help your child to fully participate in every aspect of our session.


  • Prioritise comfort and independence and please label every item (including their shoes!)

  • Send your child in weather-appropriate, easy-to-manage clothes which allow them to be independent in their self-care (please avoid tight buttons, belts, dungarees, tricky trouser fastenings,... anything which hinders their attempts at independence!)

  • Your child will get messy - please send them in clothes which are easily washable or not too new

  • Ensure that their clothes will not restrict their movement or be a trip hazard in outdoor play

  • Layers are helpful to allow for changes in the weather


  • Trainers (worn with socks) are recommended and toes must always be covered

  • NO LACES PLEASE - Velcro straps help develop independence and are much quicker when you’re keen to get outside and play!

  • We ask every child to keep a pair of wellies at Pre-school - they will wear them all year round on wet days and for water play

Spare Clothes

For the unavoidable accidents and water play, please send your child with at least one complete change of clothes (including socks) in a bag small enough to fit under their chair.

Nappies, wipes and nappy sacks

Please send in a named bag if required by your child.

In the Summer

  • Please bring a wide-brimmed hat which shades the ears and neck and wear clothes which cover the shoulders

  • Sunscreen should be applied at home, we will assist your child reapplying their own sunscreen when necessary

And the Winter

  • Please keep accessories to a minimum - just gloves or mittens - no hats or scarves please, hoods are easier to manage and scarves can be a safety hazard in active play.

  • We provide each child with a warm, waterproof suit for outdoor play