Our routine

The timing of our routine is flexible depending on the needs of the children at the time but the structure of the session is always the same - knowing what comes next in their day is an important part of feeling secure.


Our usual morning begins with the children playing indoors.

The play is child-led, with experienced staff supporting the children’s learning through both their interactions and the resources provided.

Before they move on, we ask the children to 'put things back where they belong'.


Around 10 o’clock, we gather for snack together in the end room. This is a sociable part of the morning, giving the children an opportunity to sit at a table and chat to their friends.

We will provide your child’s snack and drink - a portion of fresh or dried fruit and a carbohydrate - breadsticks, rice cakes, oatcakes etc plus a carton of milk (or a cup of water).


Afterwards, we all go outside where, in addition to the opportunities for physical development provided by our sloping garden, climbing frame and tree swing, the children have free access to sand, mud and water along with books and resources to encourage mark making, role play and construction.


At the end of the morning, the children going home for lunch gather in the end room for their goodbye song.

Collection at 12 o’clock is from the end room door.


For those who stay for a full day at Pre-school, eating together at lunchtime is an important time for learning about being with others and making choices.

The children sit at a table with their friends and we encourage them to unpack their lunch onto a plate/into a bowl and to use appropriate cutlery. We provide jugs of water and cups for the children to pour their own drinks.

Children attending the full-day sessions will need a packed lunch. We actively promote healthy eating and ask that the meal you provide for your child reflects this (please read our Lunchbox guidance).

The afternoons follow a similar pattern to the mornings, we play indoors for a short time after lunch, then move outside as soon as the children are ready.




At the end of the day we gather for a story and goodbye song.

Collection at 3 o’clock is from the garden gate. If you arrange for someone else to collect, please email/text to ensure that your child leaves Pre-School safely.